Greetings from Menifee County, Kentucky.  My name is Alex Sanders and I am the site supervisor for Grow Appalachia at Project Worth Outreach.

Last night, Monday, April 8, we held our latest Grow Appalachia participant’s meeting for our gardeners in Menifee County.  This meeting consisted of handing out more seeds and fertilizer along with a discussion about planning your garden area  led by Gail Mills.  Where to plant tomatoes, corn, beans, and vegetables with vines were discussed as well as when to plant these items.  It was suggested that you stagger your planting dates about 2 weeks apart  so you would have different harvest times.  Stake your vine plants for a greater yield.  Side dress your plants when they are about 6 inches tall.  Don’t mulch to early in the spring.  Heat will have a hard time getting to seeds or to the roots of plants.  It is best to pick cucumbers late in the afternoon and never when vines are wet. It was suggested that we all should consider a herb garden.  Several methods we suggested and discussed.

Attendance at this meeting was approximately 45 people and every garden in Menifee County Grow Appalachia Garden Project represented.  Our next  Menifee County Grow Appalachia Garden Project participant’s meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 13, 2013.  Until then, I hope eveyone enjoys great gardening weather and lots of gardening success.