As usual, today was a busy day here at ASPI in Mt. Vernon.  Hal and Eddie have been busy fashioning plastic barrels into composters and rain barrels to sell in the region.  More work has been done at the community garden, getting it ready for folks to get their hands in and get planting.  More seeds were started in the greenhouse, several planted out last evening.  We were donated Fava Bean seed by Baker Creek Seed Co.  These seeds are an early planting, so they’ve started to come up along with a few other things.  They look like a very thick-leaved, robust stemmed little plant.  Very interesting.  But, the most fun I had all day was when I began planting out some of our berry plants we ordered last fall.  We have a few plants gold, red, and black raspberries and a couple blackberries in the ground now at the edge of our garden.  Next on the list to go in is a patch of elderberries, a couple of gooseberries and a row of blueberries.  If all goes well, it should be very delicious.

We’ve been getting a few more participants each week, and it’s so interesting to meet new people in the area and talk with them about their gardening experiences.  I am humbled by and in awe of how experienced and talented our participants are, especially in those cases where a person can take almost nothing and make a really great something with it, be it in their home or out in the garden.

How about this heat wave?

Happy Gardening!