100_1254   The Green House has started to bloom with Broccoli,  Cauliflower and something new for us this year, Chinese Cabbage.  We have never grown Chinese Cabbage so it will be interesting to see how well it produces.

One of our gardeners visited the green house one rainy day last week and we discussed how the plants were almost ready to be planted  just as soon as it stops raining and the ground is dry enough for plowing. . While we were looking at the plants. Polly shared her experiences with growing Broccoli and Cabbage. She said , “Do you remember those broccoli and cabbage plants you talked me into planting last fall?”    ( Some of the gardeners are a little reluctant to plant anything in the fall especially if they haven’t ever planted fall crops.)   I replied , Yes I remember! , She said, ” Well, I took them home and planted them and then I forgot all about them until one day in October or November  when ( Her husband)  Orville asked me what I was going to do with all that Broccoli and   Cabbage I had growing out in the garden? She said, ” I asked him, What are you talking about? ” , He replied, ” You have a bunch of  it growing in the garden! ” I told him, well,  cut it and bring it in the house , I’ll put it in the freezer!     Polly couldn’t believe how well the Broccoli and Cabbage had grown in the fall . ” I never planted anything in the fall , she said. I think that I will plant all my Broccoli and Cabbage in the fall this year. The bugs didn’t bother any of the plants and it was the finest looking Broccoli and Cabbage I ever grew.