Garden Structures at ASPI!

A walkway trellis structure and the birth of a high tunnel.

A walkway trellis structure and the birth of a high tunnel.


It’s been a busy couple of weeks in Rockcastle County. We had two weeks of  Service Learners building high tunnels, trellis structures, planting onions and starting seeds. They also helped with getting both of the  Community Garden sites ready for spring. During their time here, they helped with a remarkable amount of work!

We hung banners at the downtown community garden site that has helped with recruiting new participants and created walkways for the raised beds. We had a ton scrap fencing and scrap lumber laying around, and since I am obsessed with garden structures, volunteers from Loyola built a walkway structure with fencing in the community garden adjacent toour offices.  Volunteers from Notre Dame helped raise the high tunnel the following week. Downtown Community Garden workday.

Because we were able to get some of the big projects completed in a short time, we were able to focus our attention back on administrative tasks like finding interns and community outreach. In the next couple of weeks we hope to reach all of the local schools, businesses, and civic organizations to find new partners and opportunities to expand the community gardens.  If it ever stops snowing and freezing, maybe we can actually get out there and GARDEN!!!

~Suzi Van Etten, EDNotre Dame: ready for a nap!


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