A few weeks ago I asked several of our gardeners if they would be interested in contributing to the Grow Appalachia blog.  The following story was written by  Val, one of our  gardeners.

Hey Everyone, this is Val, I live in Clairfield TN. This is my second year with the Grow Appalachia program. I am really excited this year.  I have 1/2 acres to plant. I am hoping to plant half for canning and freezing and half for selling at the Farmers Market.

I’ve had my soil tested and I’m waiting for the weather to clear up so that I can have my garden plowed. They have given me fertilizer for my garden and seed potatoes and onions so now all I need is a few warm days for the ground to dry and I’ll be set to start gardening.

I really enjoy the classes, especially the canning, freezing and dehydrating classes. These classes teach a forgotten trade .

I’ve really enjoyed the program. I am very grateful for it. Till next time Val.