seeds in handDespite Mr. Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction, March is going out as a roaring lion this year. With another snowstorm closing in on the mountaintops of Pocahontas County, WV, I can’t help but remember the hundreds of seeds promising new

corn seeds

life that arrived on our doorstep just short couple of weeks ago.
Upon arrival, we assembled envelopes, tape and a black marker to begin dividing seeds among our Grow Appalachia participants. Chinese cabbage, rainbow carrots, arugula and tomatoes were just a few of the vegetable

pepper seeds

varieties that our participants ordered.

While dividing the seeds, we also began starting seedlings for our participants. We grabbed over ten varieties of green peppers and a dozen more varieties of tomatoes and began planting into several trays. As a new gardener, this was my first time planting seeds and it was definitely my favorite part. As I held the little seeds in the palm of my hand, I realized that these little seeds would eventually grow into fresh local vegetables to feed families and communities. So, as the winter melts away and the seasons change, I look forward to growing together with our families and communities towards a healthier future.