Good morning all.  What a beautiful spring day to start the new week.  Just kidding, It is 33* with snow in Menifee County, Kentucky.  My name is Alex Sanders and I am the Assistant Director of the Grow Appalachia Garden Project at Project Worth Outreach.

On Tuesday, March 19, 2013  Project Worth Outreach held it’s second meeting in Rowan County {Morehead}, Kentucky.  This meeting was billed as a joint effort with Sustainable Morehead Community Garden and  Project Worth Outreach.  During this meeting we held a pot luck meal, gave an overview of Grow Appalachia, signed up gardeners, gave out seeds, received additional seed lists from our new signees and set up Saturday, March 30 as our seed distribution day.  The attendance at this meeting was higher than we had expected.  There was a total of approximately 75 people in attendance with 32 families already signed up and another 20 families signed up at the meeting.  With these numbers we have reached our goal for gardners in both Meniffee and Rowan Counties.  Now we can get dow to the real business of gardening.  We will give out fertilizer at our March 30 gathering and we are taking appointments for the use of the tiller.  We will deliver and supervise the use of the tiller.  Things seem to be coming together nicely if we can only get the weather to cooperate.

Most of our gardeners have already turned in their soil samples to the local County Extension agents and are awaiting results,  Most of our seeds have been ordered and received.  We still have a few more seeds to order for the late garden signups.

Well. that’s about all I’ve got for today except to ask everyone to think positive about the weather turning to spring so we can start making real progress toward what I believe will be a very productive gardening season.