March has been a very busy month for Grow Appalachia here at Red Bird Mission.  We have been preparing garden plots, getting soil samples, getting our Greenhouse up and running and making home visits to aid our participants in putting together a practical and efficient  garden plan. Our gardeners are very excited and eager to get things planted and start to see their bare plots turn into beautiful green gardens. A few of our participants have already started some of our hardiest plants such as peas, mustard and turnips, and soon will plant their Cole crops such as cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower.


Grow Appalachia Volunteers hard at work


Our Greenhouse

On March 14  Grow Appalachia hosted a training on soil health which was presented by soil specialist  John Graham from the N.R.C.S.  Karen and I had met John at a conference we attended in Frankfort and were impressed with the amount of knowledge he held about soil and how it works. His training teaches ways to improve the soil’s health and decrease its dependency on chemical fertilizers and machinery.


John Graham giving his presentation


John Graham Giving his presentation