Well, I have distributed 2.5 tons of organic fertilizer and over 1000 pounds of seed potatoes donated by Society of St. Andrews to Christian Appalachain Project who is one of our partners. Everyone was so appreciative and it was such fun to discuss their garden plans. Ferrell Wise, our county foreman, deserves a big thank you for letting me store the fertilizer at the county garage for a couple of days as does Harvey Pelfrey, Three Forks Regional Jail Warden, for picking up the potatoes in Corbin and bringing them back to Lee County. Our last meeting was a Farm and Home Night and there was so much good information available; everything from testing for radon to making your own detergent. Ted Johnson, Lee County Extension Agent, as been a huge help and he is finishing up the soil tests so everyone can get their gardens ready for planting.The GROW participants were all there enjoying the food provided by the local FFA Club, gleaming information and chatting with their fellow gardeners. The tools and tiller are ordered and I will pick them up in about a week. Shipping was ridiculous so I am taking a road trip to Owenton to pick up everything. Now, if the weather will cooperate we can play in the dirt and bask in the sun. Hopefully I will have some pictures to share in a few days.