Rain rain go away so we can till today. (Please do not go far we will need you in May)
Mujeres Unidas is excited to get another year off and growing!
This year Mujeres Unidas will have a more diverse group of families than last year – we never expected to be able to top 2012! Many nations will be represented Mexico, Columbia, Venezuela, India, and of course the United States is represented by all.
We are anxious to get our Habeneros, Tomatoes, and corn in the ground but we know we will have to be patient. We will settle for the early spring greens we will have planted.
Mujeres Unidas looks forward to the fellowship between our participants, Grow Appalachia, and its’ many partner sights. We plan to share many recipes, stories and laughter this year. If the rest of you are lucky we will also have a cookbook available later in the season. Please send comments if the cookbook would be of interest to you so we can better gauge the interest out there in the ether!
Thank you John Paul Dejoria for your most generous support.