Each garden site is required to have a recent soil test. Tests from 2010 forward do not have to be repeated this year.

Home test kits are not recommended by Grow Appalalchia. One way to get an accurate soil test is through your local extension office. The cost is $3.00.

Here are simple directions from the Jackson County UK Extension service:

  1. Shovel soil from 5-6 different areas of the garden plot into a bucket.
    Mix the soil well in the bucket.
    Add a sample of that mixture to a sandwich bag.
  2. Take the soil mixture to your local extension office.
    You should receive results in 1-2 weeks.

Before any participant receives gardening resources through the program, we will need to look at the soil test results for that site.

Soil testing is an interesting process that alerts you to any needs your soil may have to make it well nourished and prepared for the growing season.

Happy Soil Testing- Your first step to a great garden!