kitchen redoWhite particles swirl in the air, as is quite common here in January. The difference is these are swirling about inside. In our kitchen, in fact. That’s because these particles aren’t snow, (sure, we have lots of that stuff too) they are drywall dust, and we are so happy to have them! Our future certified commercial kitchen is well underway at the High Rocks lodge. This facility will be open to our Grow Appalachia recruits to make value-added products from all of the great things they’ll grow this year. The next closest kitchen available and appropriate for such use is over an hour away, so this is a major development for our local food system. The High Rocks staff, AmeriCorps members, volunteers, and professional contractors all have been hammering, sawing, sanding, and making a big mess to turn the sketches of years of dreaming into reality. High Rocks girls and women have long had a reputation for being saucy, soon we can put a label on it!