Hi Everyone,
Wow! Is it just me or did January fly bye for everyone?
I’ve been busy visiting new garden sites, taking soil samples and listening to the excellent classes being taught by the extension agents of Bell and Whitley counties.
January 10th, Stacy White from Bell County Extension Office taught a class ,”How to take a Soil Sample” . Stacy explained the importance of having your soil tested and the benefits to your garden. He gave each participant an information sheet from the University of Kentucky Extension Service entitled, ” SOIL TESTING: What It Is and What It Does” .

January 15, Kristin Smith from Whitley County Extension Office, discussed, “How to take a Soil Sample and How to plan your garden.  Kristin walked the gardeners through planning a garden, she discussed the importance of planning where you are going to place your plants and what can happen to the plants if your garden isn’t planned.