My name is Jeffrey Combs and I work here at Lotts Creek Community School. We just received the good news that we will be joining you guys for Grow Appalachia this year.

Our plan is to have a large “main garden” that will help feed our food bank that serves 190 families monthly. We will also have a sizable garden at Cordia High School that will be used for education and also provide fresh food for our after school program.

We also plan to have 20 community gardens in around our service area here in Knott and Perry Counties.

Things are progressing well- we are doing a community survey tomorrow at the food bank giveaway to try to find more interested parties to have one of the home gardens. We have already have 6 strong commitments for people close to us that want our assistance.

Also tomorrow I am meeting with our ag and 4H person here in Knott County to discuss working together and doing the soil samples. We have a strong relationship with our extension office, and they seem excited to help.

So all and all things seem to be progressing nicely! The biggest thing at the moment is we are trying to procure a VISTA with our money to do the outreach and education, and we are in the middle of that process. Once that person is hired they will probably be doing these posts, but for now you all are stuck with me!

Hope to meet and talk to you all soon.