Bud Partin age 92

November 15 2012, H.S. Grow Appalachia lost our eldest gardener Mr.Oscar ( Bud ) , Walker-man Partin. Born May 14, 1920 .

This is a picture of Bud in his favorite place, his garden. Even though he had been gardening since he was a very young boy, Bud and his daughter Catherine were among the first participants of the Grow Appalachia Project  at Henderson Settlement. He always enjoyed coming to the gardening classes with his daughter . He always said,” you are never to old to learn something new”. He especially enjoyed the container gardening workshop we had in 2011, during this class the participants learned how to use different types of containers to plant a garden. The next time I visited his home, Bud said,” Come here,  I want to show you something”. He then showed me the bucket in which he had planted tomatoes. He grinned and said, Look! Now I don’t have to walk all the way to the garden. I can just open the door and get me a tomato.

During the past year, Buds health had begun to deteriorate, however he still wanted to plant a garden . Because as he always told me, “I can out garden all these young folks!”  With his daughter’s and Grow Appalachia’s help he was able to grow a small garden and even attended several of the gardening classes. Bud lived life to the fullest, never giving up until God decided to call him home.

Rest in Peace! Oscar (Bud) Walker-man Partin , May 14, 1920, November 15, 2012