Today I completed the first of seven portable chicken coops for one of our members.   She is so excited and grateful to be a part of this project.

There are eleven people in the household, six of which are children. She feels that the chickens will be very beneficial to her and her family in providing fresh meat and eggs. The children are very excited as well . They just can’t wait to see the “chickies “.

The construction plan we have decided to use was shared with us by a member of the Red Bird Farmers Project and is fairly simple to construct.  We feel they  will do a very good job at providing adequate shelter for the fowl, and is also easily moved around so the chickens can be tractored.

We have six more participants to build these coops for and feel this will be a big step forward in increasing what Grow Appalachia can do for these folks.

We would also like to send a huge thanks out to the members of the Red Bird Farmers Project for they are going to donate nearly all the chickens needed to these seven families.