Earlier in the growing season I posted a blog on how our beautiful garden became a food plot for deer. Well turns out with a few cane poles some bailing string and a little hard work we still had some success with our garden.

I took some cane poles and some bailing string and raised my fence to around 7-8 feet high. I just ran a string all the way around the garden every foot apart until I got it high enough that deer wouldn’t be so eager to jump over it. Then I took some old shopping bags and tied to the string and let them wave around in the wind. This was nothing pretty to look at but it confused the deer, the motion of the bags kept them backed off . No more deer.

After I seen that the deer had quit coming in the garden, I wanted to replant some sweet corn seed, I wondered if it would have time to make it seeing as it was already July 20th, but I chose a variety with an early maturity date (serendipity) and took a chance on it.
It done pretty good, last week we harvested, a couple bushel of six inch ears that seemed sweeter than any summer corn I can remember. This is something I plan on trying every year, a second run of sweet corn.

Sweet Corn harvested 10/10/2012

I also planted some Blue Lake 274 bush beans that produced really well,we planted four 25 ft. rows that produced about 4 bushel.
Our tomatoes also recovered from being mowed down , they became real bushy with lots of suckers but produced real well, we are still getting a few ripe tomatoes off of them. Our peppers done great, produced more than we could ever get rid of so we plan on drying them and crushing them and using them for spray next year to keep back the deer and rabbits.
 So as  the old saying goes “If at first you don’t succeed try, try again”.

Tomatoes harvested 10/10/2012