Composting Class, Kristin Smith Whitley County Horticulturist

Composting Class in the Henderson Settlement Library . Lois, Catherine and Bud.

We were glad to have Kristin back with us to teach a class on Composting.

Kristin discussed how to compost from garbage to garden, giving examples of materials that can be used and not used in composting.
What to Compost                                               What not to Compost  
                                             Grass Clippings                                                  Dairy Products
                                             Leaves                                                                 Human & Pet feces
                                             Non-woody plant Clippings(weeds)                    Bones
                                              Straw (Not hay because of seeds)                       Whole Eggs
                                             Manure (Cow, horse, Chicken)                            Meats
                                             Coffee grounds                                                     Breads
                                             Egg Shells
                                             Vegetable Scraps
                                               Wood ash
Several of the gardeners are interested in using barrels to make compost bins, especially those with small gardens or raised beds. Kristin encouraged the gardeners to choose a lobor saving  site for their compost bins, because if the bins are placed in an inconvent place, odds are good that you won’t remember to place materials in the compost.
For those who have more space for a compost bin, she suggested using wood pallets to build a larger compost bin.