A good fall cover crop just might be the hardest working plants you will ever grow. Cover crops also known as (green manure) help to build productive soil in several different ways

Help control weeds…

Some cover crops are good weed blockers. Some varieties smother weeds with their thick growth and others can release chemicals that keep weed seeds from germinating come spring.

Help to balance nutrients

Legume cover crops, such as crimson clover convert nitrogen taken in from the air and convert it into a form plants can use to grow. When the cover crop is tilled under, the nitrogen is released into the soil. They also attract beneficial insects when left to flower they attract bees and insects that help with pollination and insect control in the garden.

Easy to plant

Cover crops are very simple to plant and require minimal work after they are in the ground. Work up the soil nice and loose.  Gently level with a rake and broadcast seed over the worked soil; then rake over it again to set the seed into the soil; not too deep, just deep enough to keep the birds from being able to reach it.

Prevent soil erosion and improve Quality 

A lot of times you are left with bare fresh plowed soil through the winter months which allows the precious top soil to erode. Planting a good fall cover crop can prevent this and allows increase the tilth (The condition of tilled soil, esp. in respect to suitability for sowing seeds) of your soil once plowed back into the soil. The organic matter being turned into the soil loosens the soil and adds nutrients.