William and Gail Mills
Hello.  My name is William Mills and I am a gardening participant in the Grow Appalachia / Project Worth Outreach Gardening Program in Menifee County, Kentucky.
As the weather gets cooler I find myself missing all the garden chores.  It seemed that a part of everyday was going to the garden with my bucket to pick fresh produce such as, tomatoes, green beans, squash and peppers.  Our family garden produced really well.  My wife Gail, Coordinator of the Grow Appalachia Gardening Project at Project Worth Outreach, loves anything pertaining to gardening.  She learned from her mother the art of preserving food.  She has canned, preserved, dried and frozen enough food for two families. We plan to share our bounty.
Now that fall has arrived I will be getting the cover crop sown hopefully this week as I pulled up all the tomato plants that are now dried up, and the bean vines are no longer bearing I realized that the biggest problem with our garden this year was developing a good watering system to keep the garden growing through those hot dry days we had this summer.  I will have to say our garden survived and produced well through it all.
After sowing the cover crop I will rest a while and then start looking for the seed catalogs in the mail, so we can plan what kind of seeds we will plant next spring as we undertake another garden.  We have enjoyed, very much, being a part of Grow Appalachia and look forward to next year.