Fall planting is well underway here at our Grow Appalachia sight, and considering the weather I am impressed by our production numbers, Thank GOD! I have been going around doing some home visits and assisting families plant some fall plants such as lettuce, mustard, Turnips, beets , radishes and those sort of things.

This is what we started with GRRR!
Ray Hauling out weeds

Rays grandson helping. He was so Excited
Rays Turnip and Mustard Bed
Almost Done


Complete, Mustard, Turnips, Lettuce. Radishes and Beets 


Some yard long beans given to me by Sue Collins they were awsome!!
Thanks Sue!! 🙂

I have also been taking some video interviews with some families and this is just so very rewarding . For these families to give a very heart felt testimony on how much Grow Appalachia has helped them and how close they have come to me really makes me feel good. This program means so much to mthese people and I have built such a close relationship with them