Aaron and I have been busy visiting and talking with our gardeners about how they feel the season went for them . Several of the gardeners have already started getting their gardens ready for next year by plowing their gardens under, several more gardeners have planted fall crops.  Kristin Smith from the Whitley County Extension Office conducted a class on preparing your garden for the fall.
We began the class in a classroom discussing what plants you could plant in the Fall and why you should plant cover crops. We then moved the class to the Food Pantry Garden, where Kristin used this garden as an example of planting a Fall Garden.

Kristin discusses planting in the fall garden.

 Last night we had a Grow Appalachia group meeting and spaghetti dinner, we discussed Cover Crops, suggestions for classes for next year and our upcoming Fall Harvest Celebration.
The gardeners stated that they would like a few classes in the spring on how to grow fruits, Blueberries and strawberries were the fruits they mentioned . Aaron and I discussed Chicken Tractors and gave out information on different types of cover crops. ( By the way,  Thanks, Maggie,  for posting the information on cover crops) ,we then gave out Rye seeds to those who were interested in planting a cover crop. We decided to have our Harvest Celebration October 27th, the gardeners ageed to work together to plan games for the children, and to help with planning the celebration


Games committee!

Aaron and Daryl eating spaghetti