Written by Saxon

Though she’s been here a few months, I would like to officially welcome ASPI’s new Executive Director, Suzi Van Etten.  With her husband Hal and baby daughter Maddie, Suzi recently moved from New York to work at ASPI.  They have roots in this area and are excited to be back!  Suzi is excited about the Grow Appalachia program and has many dreams and new ideas to be carried out in the coming years. 

It’s a busy time here at Appalachia–Science in the Public Interest.  Though gardens are slowing down, we met with gardeners on Tuesday to talk about fruit and berry plants and some perennial vegetables which can go in in the Fall and then be of use for years to come!  We had a packed house!  Rockcastle residents continue to be invested in the idea of gardening to support their families and communities. 

Coming up in a few weeks is the Mt. Vernon Bittersweet Festival (October 4th-6th).  Our Rockcastle Co. section of Grow Appalachia has been asked to have a float in the parade and to table at the fair.  We are having fun coming up with ideas for the float; our hope is to get youngsters from participant families to be a part of a “living garden” that will show off our enthusiasm for the project.  We will also be flyering with information about Grow Appalachia and how folks can get involved in the future. 

Though our garden here at the ASPI office has tapered off some (not sure if we’ll get many more red tomatoes if this cool weather keeps up!) we have put in a few rows of winter-hardy greens and some peas and cabbage.  For the other plots in our property, once they are cleaned of summer garden debris, our plan is to put in cover crops to hold soil and nutrients for next year.