ASPI/Rockcastle Co. GA’s August workshop on Wild Edibles was well attended, with over 30 people in attendance.  Over 1/3 of the participants were non-GA participants – community members who were interested in learning to eat the weeds around them.  Even the mayor, Mike Bryant and his wife came!
 Saxon cooked up a storm so that we all had a chance to eat some of the wild plants we talked about.  Lambsquarters quiche (and fritters), sassafras tea, autumn olive fruit leathers, and paw paw cake along with a wild greens salad were just a few of the good things to eat and drink.  Participant Talt Hall brought along his favorite fried poke salad, and as a complimentary accompaniment Lisa Robinson brought homemade cottage cheese and butter from her own cows (along with some very good corn bread).  Everyone had a great time, with many compliments to the cooks.  Ariel Marshall assisted through-out the day working with Saxon, as well as bringing her special purslane salad.
Nancy made up a Power Point presentation for the workshop to assist in plant identification, and give a sampling of ideas about what parts and when to harvest for a number of local wild edibles. 
John Noles assisted with all the set up for the workshop and went along with Nancy to pick up the fall garden starts from Armilda Barnes – who, once again, has grown on a batch of plants for the project.  Plants were distributed at the end of the workshop.

A lot of work, but a lot of fun as well!  And, one very successful workshop.  A huge THANKS to everyone who made it possible!