Henderson Settlement Farmers’ Market opened to a slow start yesterday due to the RAIN we received late in the evening. We were a little disappointed at the turn out for the market but we were grateful for the rain we need so very badly. I had the opportunity to share the Grow Appalachia blog with a couple of the gardeners who do not have Internet and haven’t had the opportunity to read any of the posts.
When I showed Lois the pictures I had posted of her garden she said, “Look at me! , oh my, how my garden has grown since that picture was taken! Lois has a raised bed garden in the front of her house and several different pots, pans, boxes and anything else she can find that will hold dirt and plants planted all around her house. She doesn’t grow enough vegetables to sell at the Farmers Market, so she bakes muffins to share with everyone.  One of our gardeners from last year sold blackberry jelly and other things she canned this year. We are going to open the Farmers market again Saturday, we are trying out different days to see which day is the best selling day for the Market.