Marsha Morris Sanders

Hello! My name is Marsha Morris Sanders. I am a participant in the Project Worth/Grow Appalachia Gardening Project in Menifee County KY. I am almost ashamed to say that this is my first gardening experience in all my 57 years. It has been very exciting for me to see the seeds grow into plants then into yummy looking veggies. A couple of weeks ago, I got to harvest my first vegetables. I cut the lettuce for our salad we had that night for supper. Coming from our garden made it that much better. I was very excited to harvest my first vegetables.

It has been very hot and dry here for the last few weeks. We have been worried about our gardens. We have watered them and prayed for rain every day. We finally got some rain yesterday with hopes for more this week. It is also supposed to be cooler. We are relieved that our gardens will not be baked anymore for a while.

We have already canned 21 jars of green beans for the winter. We picked about a peck and a half from our garden to eat this week. I am looking so forward to having fresh green beans. We have planted white half runners in our garden because my Mother loved them so. I wish she were here to enjoy them with us!

We have planted several tomato plants. They are beginning to yield. None are red yet. I can’t wait until they ripen. I love fresh garden tomatoes. There’s nothing better than a good bacon and tomato sandwich. Yum, yum!!! I could eat one every night.

Participating in this program has afforded our family more time to spend with each other. My sister in law and her three boys have been helping to work the garden. It has been a great joy to watch my 11 year old nephew, the youngest, be so enthusiastic about our garden.

Well, I am looking forward to watching our garden grow and seeing what beautiful vegetables come from it. We will enjoy the things that we have canned this winter, I’m sure. Hope everyone is enjoying their gardens as much as we are. Good luck with your gardening and I hope to write again later in the season.

This week’s recipe is listed below. Have a great week.
Brussels Sprouts in Sour Cream Sauce1 lb fresh small Brussel sprouts
1/4 cup chopped onions
3 table spoons butter
1 cup sour cream
Steam Brussel sprouts 10 minutes until tender. Drain well. Saute` onion in butter. Add sour cream and heat just till warm. Do not boil as it will curdle. Add sprouts and mix well.

Mary Wallace

Note: I submit these recipes as they are given to me. Please feel free to substitute healthy ingredients whenever possible