Greetings from the Cowan Community Center!

In keeping up with the daycare’s garden in Whitesburg, we’ve been planning activities in order to engage the children with the gardening project and teach them about gardening.  Our first event like this was last week, during which we visited and read them Eva Bunting’s Sunflower House and helped each child plant sunflower seeds around the periphery of the garden.  The children sang songs about gardening and sunflowers, and played “Seed, Seed, Sunflower!” our very own version of “Duck, Duck, Goose!”  At the end of the afternoon, each child got a packet of sunflower seeds to bring home as well as a copy of the book we read together.  Over the course of the next few weeks we hope to extend to include these children’s families in the program, and hopefully giving out sunflower seeds and books will contribute to that engagement.
Valerie reading to the group.
A pair of twins planing together. 

Sowing the seeds.
Everybody was so excited to plant the sunflower seeds and have a hand in their own garden; several kids, shy at first, became excited and animated planting seeds and kept running back to get more seeds to plant in the garden.  One girl couldn’t wait to get home because she knew exactly where she wanted to plant her sunflower seeds and wanted to get that project underway ASAP.  All in all, it was a very rewarding visit and we look forward to our next encounter with the daycare.
Getting their very own books and seed packets.

So excited to get some sunflowers!

All of the kids.