Good Morning,
Saturday June 9th I attended the Shine For Scott 3rd annual benefit concert in Augusta, Ga. The concert is an effort to create awareness about Colon Cancer and its possible emergence in those under the age of 50. The Shine for Scott organization uses donations to help with living expenses and screennings for individuals who are currentlly undergoing cancer treatments or may be at risk.

Scott Walden is my brother- he died in June of 2010 he was 40 years old. He was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer when he was 38 when he otherwise seemed to be in great health. He is greatly missed.

At the benefit concert there were blueberries on every table along with a long list of facts about the benefits of healthy organic produce.

This reminded me of some of the core reasons we at Grow Appalachia are helping folks regain their knowledge of organic gardening. We are not here just to grow vegetables but to also emphasize and educate individuals of the true health benefits of a local organic food system. We are not just helping with grocery bills but also medical bills, mental health, and all around quality of life. I believe the consumption of fresh chemical free produce is the first step to properly defend against many of the ailments that so many people in our communities are dealing with on a daily basis.

  So please eat fresh, eat local, and remember to EAT YOUR GREENS they may save your life!

Mark Walden