Hi everybody,  this week we are finally back in business after a lightning strike  took out the phone’s and Internet. This week we went down to White Oak  and visited with Charles. When we arrived he was on his porch making walking canes which was really intresting, each walking cane had a different design. My favorite one  had an  eagle on the end, which was amazing, after talking for a few minutes he went inside and brought a container out which held all of his wood work he has completed which is pictured below. I had asked him how long he has been doing this he responded (around 11 years). He plans on selling some of his wood work at the farmers market… This week we have also been getting things in line for the Farmers Market’. We will be having the first one July 10th. Also this week we officialy got everything planted in our food pantry garden and have already picked 6 dozen of onions which was distributed into the food boxes, we give out to the community. We are now aslo getting around to visting the gardners more and getting to know more about them which I enjoy hearing all the old stories and the history of our community.
Here he was showing us the dump truck and all that it done.

Here he was showing us more of the wood work.

Here we caught him working on one of his wlking canes.
Here is his Garden.
Here is the one with the eagle