This has been a very busy and productive week for us, Aaron , Tyler, and I have worked extremely hard finishing up the Raised Bed gardens and delivering plants. This week we visited Catherine at White Oak. She has several dogs (Very Friendly) she calls them her “Snake Dogs”. Apparently there are a lot of snakes who take up residence on her property. Needless to say, Aaron and I stuck close by Catherine after she told us this little bit of information.

Catherine’s grapes

Catherine and her Dad have been gardening for several years, but like a lot of us in the area they wouldn’t have been able to garden this year without help from Grow Appalachia. We have started planning our Farmers Market for sometime in July. When I asked her if she would like to sell some of her produce at the Farmers Market she replied, “I don’t really want to do that. I like giving stuff to people.”  After thinking about it she said, “I know what I want to do. Would it be alright if I sold stuff at the Market and then donate the money back to Grow Appalachia or Henderson Settlement ? Then I wouldn’t feel like I was getting a hand out.”  We have left that decision up to her as we don’t want them to think that we are in this for the money.  We were greatly blessed by our visit with Catherine.