Hello everyone.  We hope everyone’s

garden is coming along nicely. 
We know that ours are now that the rain
 has stopped.
 On Monday, May 14 we held our most recent meeting.  It was well attended  and informative.   We had a discussion on how everyone’s garden was coming along and how their journals were progressing.  All responses were very positive.                                                          

                                                                           We also collected physical addresses so we could Google maps to everyone’s garden.  We also requested that eveyone consider either posting a statement on this blog or provide us a short hand written statement so that we could post it on this blog.  The nature of the statement is how has being a part of the Grow Appalached Gardening Project impacted their lives thus far.  Also, we requested that everyone give us 2 or 3 recipes that included something they are growing in their garden.  We requested that they try to be unique and/or creative with these recipes.  Our goal is to post some of these recipes on weekly basis and provide each participant a recipe handbook at the end of the growing season.      
Hope eveyone has a great week!
Our youngest gardener.