Greetings from Project Worth Outreach.  On Saturday, Gail, William, Jonathan, Nanthan, Landon Mills, James & Mary Wallace and Carl & Grace Stamper spent the day planting a garden site at Project Worth Outreach.  As soon as they were done it started raining and is now just letting up.  They planted tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, green beans, squash, cabbage, lettuce and onions.  They spent the entire day together and worked really hard to get this garden out for the organization.   We just recently built a large raised garden so we could grow lots of tomatoes.  The following photos were taken on Monday and you can tell how much rain was received the following two days after planting.

Hopefully the rain will let up so the gardens will dry out and we can continue to build our gardens.  Good luck to all of the gardeners out there and I hope everyone has a good, warm and dry week.