David is extremely proud of his garden!

Aaron and I were singing, “Rain rain go away we have so many places to visit today.”
When the rain finally stopped, we headed toward White Oak to visit as many gardeners as we could before it started to rain again.The first gardener we visited was David, he showed us around his garden and a few of his many animals. David is one of the early birds who started his garden as soon as it was warm enough to plant in the garden.  It was easy to see how proud he is of his garden. He had onions, lettuce,  potatoes, and cabbage ready to eat. Before we left he insisted that we take lettuce and onions  home with us. David is very interested in selling his produce in the Farmers Market.

Julia and her garden

 This is Julia, her garden is just a few miles down the road from David. She has just began to plant her garden.

When I asked her if she would be interested in selling any of her produce at the Farmers Market she replied, ” I don’t think so! We eat everything I grow in the garden. Because there are 10 of us, You know!”