This week we are making our final push to get these gardens prepared and planted. We had a couple of gardens that we were unable to get plowed with a tractor and had to break the ground with our tillers. This is nearly impossible for your typical tiller but the Grillo will get the job done! We set our depth guide and just took  a couple inches at a time and made several passes increasing our depth each time and were able to work the ground as well as any other equipment made! Thank God for the Grillo.

Karen and I went yesterday and picked up the last of the spring plants for our participants.  We will be distributing them this week now that we feel safe from frost. Our next big chore will be getting adequate trellising for all our participants so they can keep these plants up off the ground. We plan to try to use river cane for this seeing as we have an abundant supply nearby. We plan to use cane poles and bailing string and do a Florida weave method . Our participants are pouring in after their plants and are so excited about getting their final spring planting done.