Greetings from Project Worth.  I would like to introduce the Sanders garden to everyone.  The members of the Sanders family participating in the garden project are Alex, Marsha, Adam, Gale, Zach, John and Ben.  The ages range from 11-57.  The whole family is very excited to be a part of Grow Appalachia.  There are only two members in this family with any type of gardening experience.  Alex and his sister, Gale, grew up helping out with their parent’s and grandparent’s garden.  The Sanders garden includes tomatoes, potatoes, peas, green beans, kale, green onions, sweet peppers, garlic, tarragon, cilantro, sweet basil, and lettuce.  In the future they hope to expand and grow many new items.  After harvest they would like to can and preserve as much food as possible.  In addition, they plan to sell a little of their harvest and give a little to their elderly neighbors.  Ben, the youngest, has already been making agreements to barter with school mates to swap tomatoes and green beans for corn and watermelon.  Below are some pictures taken during a recent weekend with a few of the Sanders family working in their raised garden.

Peas are looking good.
Green onions growing in a tote.  Won’t be long before we can eat these.  We have many more planted along side our peas.
Gale is either transplanting tarragon or inspecting the dirt.  I’m not sure which.
John, in front, transplanting sweet basil and Alex, in rear, is transplanting sweet peppers.
Thyme is looking good.
Gale seems to be enjoying herself.  Sowing and sun bathing.
I hope eveyone has enjoyed these photos.  Next week I’ll try to feature another participant.  Hope everyone has a great week.  Good luck with everyone’s garden.