This year we have expanded into the White Oak area in Campbell County Tennessee.
Last year we had three gardeners in the area, this year we have 20 gardeners taking part in  Grow Appalachia.
We have recently hired a coordinator for the White Oak area, his name is Aaron Gaylor.
Aaron grew up in Bell County Kentucky, his family have always grown a garden. He says, “One of my earliest memories is of walking along behind my mom in the garden helping her plant tomatoes.”

Henderson Settlement has had a work camp at White Oak since the 1990s. In was during this time that requests for assistance increased in the area around White Oak, because of the lack of economic development in the area. Work teams working in the area were at a disadvantage having to travel seventeen miles back and forth to Henderson Settlement for food and lodging. In order to meet the needs of these Work Teams the White Oak Center was opened in 2001, and since then, during the summer month, many teams have been based out of this facility. Up to 48 people can be housed and fed at the center. Work Teams work in the area, helping to build rooms and work on individual homes.

Aaron’s office will be in this building

Grow Appalachia Van waiting for participants to pick up their plants.
Aaron and Charles discuss Tomatoe plants.