We had beautiful weather last week and were able to get a lot of garden planting done. Here at Red Bird Mission we planted several raised beds with cole crops and several different types of seeds with the aid of a couple volunteers. We have cherry tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, cucumbers and green bell peppers in our greenhouse that are ready to be transplanted. As soon as we get past this last frost date these will be planted in our Grow Appalachia Gardens.

       Our garden here on campus has Sweet corn  and onions up and growing and our lettuce bed is coming right along . We have harvested two pecks of lettuce from our raised beds and our snap peas are looking great. We have also harvested a couple gallon of strawberries and still are getting more each day. Karen and I used some shredded paper to mulch around them and are seeing very positive results, they are staying much cleaner and have hardly any bad spots.

Most of our participants have planted  potatoes, onions, lettuce, mustard, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts,and a few other cole crops. A few of them have pushed some tomatoes and peppers out. I told them that was risky business, we could still see some significant frost but this warmer than normal spring has everyone hopping. I suggested they just keep a close eye on frost predictions and if one was coming cover their plants with a sheet ,cardboard box or news paper if they did not have frost covering fabric

  This week we have some more tilling requests and will be adding up our plant needs so we can get them and have them available for our participants next week.

Its hard to believe this is the first of May! March and April went by so fast but you know what they say ” Time fly’s when your having fun”!