Hello, everyone.  On April 23 Project Worth Outreach held our latest participants meeting.  The meeting was well attended.  We had a local county extension agent, Courtney Jenkins, do a power point presentation on the importance of using their soil sample results to treat their garden area so it will produce the most harvest possible.  After the presentation we had a really good question and answer session.  Courtney also handed out home gardening catalogues which contained lots of interesting tips on gardening.  We also handed out most of the seeds and fertilize to those that had not received them yet.  We are in the process of ordering tools and making appointments to visit our participants garden sites.  Several of our participants are anxious to start major planting but due to the rain and cooler weather we have received lately it has slowed the progress a bit.  Most participants have planted some items but are ready to get more out in the garden.  It looks like this week should be a bit more dry and warmer so hopefully this is the week that a lot more gets accomplished.  Project Worth Outreach is in the process of building a rather large raised garden as well as an in-ground garden.  We have several participants with items growing in our greenhouse and it looks like in about 7-10 days most of these items will be ready to move to our gardens.  In closing, I have a question from one of our participants.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep squirrels and moles out of his garden?   Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Have a great week.