Hi everyone.   I have enjoyed reading everyone’s posts.  They have been interesting and informative.  We are off to a good start with our gardening program here at Project Worth Outreach in Menifee County, Ky.  We have a greenhouse full of Grow Appalachia participants seeds and are coming up very nicely.  We have several types of tomatoes, tarragon, basil, squash, sweet peppers and watermelon seeds growing just to name a few.  We have dispersed seed potatoes, onion sets and fertilizer to most all of our participants.  We have had several families use the tiller we purchased while others have used their own tiller or had a neighbor till the garden spot for them.  All of our participants are excited to be a part of the program while others in the community are curious and supportive.  Our next meeting will be Monday, April 23 and Gail has met with one of our local extension office agents and she will be presenting a power point presentation on soil and weather related issues that affect gardening as well as recruiting local elementary and middle school classes to have a field trip to Project Worth Outreach to participate in our garden and learn more about the Grow Appalachia Gardening Project.  We expect to have a large turnout for this meeting based on the large turnouts that we have had for our first three meetings.    Gail says ” If any Grow Appalachia organization participant wants to attend our meetings they are more than welcome”.  Hope everyone has a great week.