This is Project Worth’s first year with Grow Appalachia.  It seems that organic gardening is really catching on.  After two meetings we have recruited 25 families.  Directions were given on how fertilizer and other gardening supplies were to be used.  One fellow even showed up bare foot at the second meeting.
Three teenagers have committed to the gardening project.  This is great.  We want them to plan their garden and the seeds they want to plant, also how to use all organic supplies.
We have ordered our seeds and ordered our tiller and received it.  It is an awesome looking machine and one of our participants has already used it and raves about what a great machine it is.
One participant who lives in city limits is doing a raised garden.  He has encountered a problem with the neighborhood cat lady is is attempting to address this problem.  He said on one should be allowed as many cats as this lady has.  He was also worried that he would have a problem getting his eleven year old nephew involved but has stated that his nephew in very involved and is about to work him tirelessly because all he wants to do is talk and work in the garden.  This participant couldn’t be more pleased with his nephew.