Our first Grow Appalachia Meeting was held Thursday, February 23. The meeting was a joint meeting consisting of members from both Grow Appalachia and the Red Bird Farmers Project.  The meeting began with Karen Dial, our new Coordinator introducing herself and giving the members a little of her background and some plans for the upcoming year. We then had a dinner that was prepared by Karen and the Red Bird Mission Work Camp Cooks along with a few covered dishes brought in by the group members. After dinner we had a meet and greet session which allowed the participants to introduce themselves and share some of their plans for the upcoming season.  We felt this setting would give our participants a chance to bond as a group as well as giving us valuable information on their upcoming plans and needs.  We had a total of sixty people attend the dinner and share in fellowship.




 We now have our first seeds sprouting in our greenhouse or I guess I should call it a high tunnel at this point providing that it doesn’t have a heat source . This is our first try at starting seeds in these conditions so we certainly have much to learn. Our Broccoli, Cauliflower and Kohlrabi seeds have sprouted and look generally healthy and up to this point, it seems we are having success.