Here at Red Bird Mission we are psyched about gearing up for the upcoming growing season.

We are now putting together the berry order for all our participants and preparing for our first round of home visits. We are looking forward to getting these gardens prepared and helping the participants determine the garden size and layout that will best fit their needs for producing food for their own use as well as having some produce to sell out the Red Bird Farmer’s Market.
Along with Garden planning these first home visits will consist of; helping to clear garden areas, assist in the taking of soil samples, helping to plan proper crop rotation and making arrangements for the turning of the soil in their gardens. We will also be assisting them in preparing adequate plots for their incoming berry plants.
Nearly all of our participants have shown great interest in fruit berry production. The production of small fruits and berries provide a delicious, healthy alternative to the sugar filled snacks that are more abundant in these Appalachian communities. This will give participants a greater opportunity to improve the quality of their diets. These fruits are also a great asset at the Farmer’s Market being as they sell very well and will provide the community with a much needed healthy source of sweets.

Through partnership with the Clay County Extension office we will be helping interested families to obtain Strawberry, Blueberry, Blackberry and Raspberry plants. We also have some great educational publications on small fruit and berry production that will be available to our Grow Appalachia participants as well as all other members of our community.

Red Bird Mission/Grow Appalachia
             Field Worker,
Chad Brock