We held our final Grow Appalachia meeting here at Red Bird Mission Thursday Oct.20 2011. We distributed two books to all participants that attended. One was”Carrots love Tomatoes” which is a book teaching basic organic gardening tips and tips on companion gardening. The second was “Canning, Pickeling and preserving which had some helpful ideals on preserving the produce they have grown.
We collected soil samples and had the participants fill out a 2011 survey along with thier application for 2012. We are hoping that feed back from our participants will help us to better serve each clients individual needs next year.
 We constructed  three 4ft. by 8ft. raised beds and delievered  them to DeWall Senior Citizen Center this week. This center serves over 8,000 meals a year to seniors in Leslie,Clay and Bell counties.Congregate members will participate in Grow Appalachia next year enableing them to take home fresh produce that they  have helped to grow.

Field Worker,
Chad Brock

Dwayne Yost

Tracy Nolan and Dwayne Yost

Herbert Couch

“Standing room only”

Joseph Hacker