Last Thursday the Red Bird Farmers Project had a field day at Will Bowling’s Farm.
A few of the Grow Appalachia participants were able to attend this seeing that some are members of both Grow Appalachia and the farmer’s project. The topics discussed that day were rotational grazing, goat and sheep production; pasture planning, season extension in a greenhouse and small fruit production.
Inside his greenhouse he had a variety of Cole crops coming in season as well as some beautiful heirloom Purple Cherokee tomatoes still producing well. This was a chance to get some ideals from someone who has started a successful small farm and seems to really have a handle on things.

       A heirloom Purple Cherokee tomato
Mustard greens

Broccolli well on its way

Raised beds
Raised beds with drip line

Joe and Margret Hacker

Esther Mason

By:Chad Brock/ Grow Appalachia field worker