Here at the Red Bird Mission we have gotten our harvest records in and cover crops out.
 We have been working on totaling  harvest records this week and the number of people impacted by the Grow Appalachia program.
It is amazing at the numbers we are coming up with. We had a total of 45 families this year. Including family members, people with whom they have shared and the locals in the community who have received seeds from the Grow Appalachia program an estimated 1200+ people have received assistance through this program. We have a fair estimation of 700 bushels of produce grown by participants alone, not counting the seeds donated to some 65 people in the community . This could bring that number  to well over 1000 bushels produced. That is a huge impact on this area where many of these people rely on boxed or canned foods distributed by Red Bird Mission’s community outreach department and other similar organizations. In addition the Red Bird Farmer’s Market also provided locals access to fresh healthy local grown produce at a lower price than most grocery  stores as well as giving participants a chance to earn some extra money in an economically deprived area.
This has been a very worthwhile, rewarding program .I personally have enjoyed being part of something I believe is a real benefit to such a large number of people in my community.
Field Worker
Chad Brock