Red Bird Notes—-Bettina Balmer
Fall is in the air even though officially it is still about a month away.  There are leaves falling and less humidity.  That cool crisp morning air is a refreshing change to the hot humid weather we have experienced here in the last month.  July’s Grow Appalachia meeting was all about fall gardening and overwintering crops. 
This stirred excitement among members and many signed up to receive seeds.  The seeds are on their way to gardeners to assist in extending their seasons and help decrease food costs. In this area fresh produce during winter months, is just about non-existent and what better way to improve families’ nutrition during these months than to have fresh greens, carrots and onions that can be harvested on even the snowiest days. 
            As we look forward to more trainings, August will bring a Good Agricultural Practices or (GAP) training to Red Bird on Thursday August 25th at 5:30pm.  Jeff Casada, Clay County ANR Agent will be presenting this workshop.  GAP training will provide participants with guidelines to reduce potential contamination of fresh fruits and vegetables.  After completing this class, participants will receive a certificate that will allow them to have raw samples of their fruit and vegetables at Kentucky Farmers Markets.
            Looking to September, Jeff Henderson, Jackson County ANR agent will be here on Thursday Sept 15th at 6:30pm to present a training about Farmers Markets.  This will provide participants information about not only growing for their own needs but what is possible to increase their families’ income by selling extra produce.