Everyone keeps saying, ” I smell Fall in the air”!
But you couldn’t prove it by me , I still feel the heat of summer on my skin, especially when I am out in one of the gardens picking beans or tomatoes. We have been really busy with the gardens in the last couple of weeks. One of the county extension agents told us that our region of Kentucky was at least one month behind the rest of Kentucky in our growing season, because of all the rain we received in April. May and June. It may have taken longer for some of our gardens to start producing but we are beginning to harvest green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and corn.

Mindy and Shonda,  two of our first time gardeners.

We have already had two Canning Classes, during the first class we learned how to can green beans and how to safely use a pressure cooker. Each of the Grow Appalachia Participants received a Pressure Cooker and other canning supplies. We had our second canning class last week.
Rebecca Sharp with the Bell County Extension Office taught us how to can tomatoes using a boiling water canner. These canners are made of aluminum or porcelain-covered steel.They have removable perforated racks and fitted lids.

Rebecca shows  how to safely remove jars from the canner.
Mary Lou (Grow Appalachia,standing ) , Wilma, Nina, Brenda, and J.B.
are from the Frakes Community, Maggie (Grow), Sharon (Grow) and Lois (Grow)

Sharon prepares her tomatoes for canning

Everyone enjoyed the canning class so much, they asked if I would schedule another canning class.. Rebecca said that she would be delighted to come back to Henderson Settlement. In October she will be presenting a clas in how to Freeze and Dry. We will be making ” Freezer Jam” yum yum!

Each Thursday from 4 to 7 we have our Farmers Market in the Big Red Barn on the hill.

Lois brought her homemade muffins

Sharon and her son Eric at the Farmers’ Market