We are proud to announce that our Farmers’ Market is up and running, each Thursday evening from 4p.m. to 7p.m. We decided to try something different this year by changing the day and time of our Farmers’ Market.

Robbie is one of our Grow Appalachia gardeners,
 she brought her homegrown Tomatoes
and several different types of jellies and her special homemade mustard to the Farmers’ Market

Playing Checkers!

Homemade Ice Cream!

Canning Green Beans

On Wednesday July 27th we had our first Canning Class with Kristin Smith, Horticulture Program assistant with the Whitley County Extension Office. We canned Green Beans and learned how to safely operate a Pressure Canner. Each Grow Appalachia participant who took part in the class received a Pressure Canner and other canning supplies.

Kristin explaining how to break up beans

Learning how to put the lid on the Pressure Canner

Reading directions