Have you ever been Cane Pole Hunting? Well, they say that there’s a first time for everything, and last Friday was my first time going,”CANE POLE HUNTING!”
Several of the gardeners had asked if we could get them some cane poles to use in their gardens. This isn’t something we would normally do for people because we want them to be self sufficient. However the farm also needed cane poles to use in the garden so we decided to as the old saying goes, kill two birds with one stone, and try to get enough poles for the farm and the gardeners who couldn’t get them for themselves.
So Dulley, Matthew and I loaded up in the old green pickup truck and away we went.

Green truck loaded with cane poles

As I said before, I had never been Cane Pole Hunting so I had NO idea what we were getting into.
All I knew for sure was that we were going to the lower farm because that was where we would find the poles.
Close your eyes and imagine this, You’re driving on a perfectly good road and all of a sudden you come upon a gate, beyond the gate is a field, but where’s the road? It’s gone! All that is in front of you is a large field full of overgrown grass and weeds and I don’t know what! Now , I don’t mind telling you, my first thought was , “Where in the world are we going?” I thought cane poles grew on the sides of creek banks and I didn’t see any creek in the field. But Dulley kept driving slowly through the field. About half way through the field we heard the noise of something moving fast through the tall grass. We all started looking around to find out what was coming at us!  When all at once there’s a baby deer running through the field in front of us. Matthew asks,”Did you get it’s picture?” No I didn’t, I was to busy watching it run!
Finally we came to the creek and sure enough there were cane poles along this creek bank but not enough for what we needed to use at the farm and for the gardeners.
Dulley decided that we would try another spot on the creek and that’s where I took the pictures shown below. We found enough poles here for the farm and gardeners to stake their green beans and tomatoes. Isn’t it amazing how God has provided for us, all we have to do is open our eyes to the possibilities and enjoy the results of his work.

Looking for cane poles
Below are some examples of how some of the gardeners have used good old fashion know how and imagination to stake their beans and tomatoes.
The beans will grown up the fence .

Cages around the tomatoes.