While reading Orion magazine the other day (and a really great publication that is, I recommend it to absolutely everyone) I came across an article on food sovereignty, a term I was not familiar with. I opened the article and after reading it and viewing the accompanying narrated slide show found myself struck by the similarities in the challenges faced by these groups of Haitian gardeners and Grow Appalachia participants. Rather than trying to synopsize the piece I am including a link to a truly fine piece of work:http://www.orionmagazine.org/index.php/articles/article/6337/. Permission has been graciously granted by Orion to share this.
I don’t want to try and stretch the analogy too thin but any number of the parallels between the treatment of Haitian peasants and eastern Kentucky hill folk are undeniable. Just as clear is the satisfaction and pride expressed by Haitian gardeners in Guerra and Guidi’s Orion piece and in comments I hear frequently from among the 250 families working with Grow Appalachia this year. The power created by growing even part of your family’s food is exhilarating. I encourage you to read this article and watch the slide show.